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Must be submitted to our office alone with your application fee for processing.

Employment Verification

Paystubs may be requested for proof of income.

Landlord Verification

While we do offer same day move-ins for approved applicants, our application process can take up to 48 business hours.

Only (ONE) application is processed at a time for any available unit.

Once an application is approved, the applicant(s) must sign a lease agreement and pay the security deposit in full within 48 hours.  This reserves the property for the applicant(s) and removes the property from being offered to other potential renters. 

Applicant(s) understands and agrees that any information obtained by REA Properties, LLC may include, but is not limited to, Applicant’s credit history, criminal record, evidence of any civil litigation and civil judgment(s), records of arrest, past rental history, employment history, salary information and history, vehicle records, Driver’s License records, driving history or any other information.  A credit review only uses information on the applicant that pertains to credit.  It does not use characteristics like race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or familial status in its calculations.

APPLICATION APPROVAL PROCESS: Approval process will begin when we have received completed applications from all applicants and occupants.  REA Properties, LLC will verify all information provided including income, rental history, credit reports, and criminal background screening.  The three possible outcomes from the approval process are accepted, conditional acceptance, or denied.  Additional information and/or co-signer may be required if a conditional acceptance is recommended for income qualification purposes only.  If your application is rejected based on the discovery of public records that indicate an unacceptable criminal history, you will be given the name, address and telephone number of the consumer reporting agency that provided the criminal background report.  If you are denied because of information from a credit report, the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires the creditor to give you the name, address, and phone number of the credit-reporting agency that supplied the information.  It will be the applicant(s) responsibility to contact the credit reporting agency for details regarding the report and to obtain a copy of the report.  

*Applications will be kept on record for no more than thirty (30) days.  During this time REA Properties, LLC will not be required to continue to reserve the unit for applicant(s).  After the thirty (30) day period is over, a new application must be fully submitted and reprocessed.

SECURITY DEPOSIT AGREEMENT:  Should the applicant decide to withdraw their intended residency and break their rental contract PRIOR to a move in, the security deposit shall be forfeited and not refunded to the applicant(s) as an agreement to terminate the residential rental contract early.  

AGENCY DISCLOSURE:  When showing properties and assisting in leasing of properties, REA Properties, LLC will be representing the LANDLORD/OWNER and in doing so REA Properties, LLC and its agents will work to promote the best interest of the LANDLORD/OWNER.  REA Properties, LLC, as agent to the LANDLORD/OWNER is required to provide any information about applicant(s) (personal/financial/confidential) that would help the LANDLORD/OWNER in the leasing of the property.